Partagas 898 Varnished 25p


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Rustic and Grandiose! One of the famous Havana cigars mainly due to its presentation format. The cigars come in layered 8, 9, 8 sticks, and bundled in the very recognizable Partagas ‘Fagot’, and comes in a varnished cabinet of 25 cigars.

This is a powerful Lonsdale, sometimes even harsh. Flavours of roasted cacao and mocha adorn the primary spicy wood taste and give this cigar its reputation for being a connoisseurs choice.

This is a great cigar that is medium-to-full body, which will better suit a Cuban cigar aficionado rather than a newcomer to Habanos. Thanks to its almost perfect construction, it offers an amazing draw, and burns beautifully throughout the entire cigar, while a luxurious ash builds up at the foot. The 8-9-8 provides typical Partagas flavors, lots of charred aromas, musty earth, wood, cocoa, leather. These are strong flavors, as expected, mixed with some fruity notes, some nuts, some pepper, and some Asian spice. This is definitely not an everyday smoke, but a very tasty and complex cigar that worth keeping in the humidor. It also has a great potential for ageing.

This is a noble cigar, made for the experienced palate and for the cigar lovers extreme pleasure!

Length: 170 mm
Diameter: 17.07 mm
Ring gauge: 43
Shape: Lonsdale / Dalia

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