Partagas Maduro No. 2 25 pcs


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The Partagás Maduro No. 2 is a newly developed Figurado format. Its production name was “Short Piramides”. It features a length of 120 mm and a 52 mm ring gauge.

The blend of tobacco for all three formats is characterized by the aromatic force and impact, typical for Partagás. Handpicked leaves of Vuelta Abajo form the basis of this longfiller. The Maduro binders lend a special sweetness to the tobacco. The combination of sweetness and impactful flavours makes them especially appealing to well-versed aficionados.

All Partagás Maduros are offered in unlacquered chests à 25 pieces. As is typical for the brand, the cigars are arrayed in two layers. The “bofeton” (the lithography covering half of the upper layer) and the “costero” (an ornamental stencil of the name adorning the narrow side of the chest) were newly designed. The lithographies are kept in warm brown and gold. All three formats are also equipped with a second ring apart from the typical Partagás ring. To keep in style with the rest of the make-up, it is also brown and gold as well as brandishing the name.

Length: 120mm
Diameter: 21.65mm
Ring Gauge: 55
Shape: Petit Piramide

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