Hoyo De Monterrey Hoyo De San Juan 10p


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The Hoyo de San Juan from Hoyo de Monterrey is a tasty medium-bodied geniales, with 54 ring gauge and 5’9” (150mm) long and comes in a box of 10 cigars. Released at the 2014 Habanos Festival, this big ring gauge cigar is reminiscent of the old brand, but with a modern twist that appeal to many big ring gauges aficionados.

It sports a new band which reads “Serie Le Hoyo” but as any Hoyo de Monterrey, it is hand rolled only using tobacco from San Juan y Martínez district, where the brand was born in 1865. It is of light to medium flavor, very aromatic and rich smoke. One of the best Hoyo out there. Has a great potential for aging, which would make it even smoother.

Length: 150 mm
Diameter: 21.43 mm
Ring gauge: 54
Shape: Geniales/Robusto Extra

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