Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure De Luxe LCDH 10p


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The Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure de Luxe LCDH is a light yet rich Magico, 4’5” (115mm) long, of 52 ring gauge, and comes in a 10 cigars box. In 2012 Hoyo de Monterrey, one of the oldest Habanos brand, decided to launch an exclusive line for La casa del Habano, and released the Epicure de Luxe. It is only using tobacco from the most valuable area in Cuba, the famous Vuelta Abajo.

This smoke packs all the typical Hoyo de Monterrey’s flavours into a small yet exclusive cigar, that is comparable to the 2012 Limited Editions, but which is cheaper than these. The construction is superb, it is fully handmade, its high level of quality is on par with any cigar out of La Casa del Habanos. On the flavor profile, it is rather light in taste yet shows a great level of complexity and control of aromas. As all special productions, the stocks are limited, so there will not be second chances to try this beauty!
The boxes we have is from OCT 17

Length: 115 mm
Diameter: 20.64 mm
Ring gauge: 52
Shape: Magicos / Petit Robusto

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