Viking Pyramid 25p


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Viking is the Maduro with dark and sweet notes. Hints of Chocolate and fruits. Medium to Medium + in strength.

Leiv Eriksson was son of the Norwegian Eirik Raude and grew up in Greenland. Nobody knows exact when he was born or when he died (He probably died before 1025). According to Erik Raudes Saga, Leiv Eiriksson sailed to Norway in the year of 999 where he became a HIRDMANN with Olav Tryggvason (a well known Viking that fought many battles and became king in Norway in 995). He accepted Christianity, and was in charge of introducing Christianity to Greenland.

The Greenlands saga tells us that Leiv Eriksson planned expeditions of discovering land, and in the year of 1000 he discovered land. The land with white planted wheat fields and grapes. He called it Vine Land. Leiv was a Viking that traveled with open boats over the seas to discover new land. The saga tells us that he was the first to discover America.

The Viking is a unique blend from the master blender Ernesto Perez Carrillo. Made in the Dominican Republic at TLA factory. Only aged tobacco is used in this premium Cigar.


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