Vegas Robaina Unicos 25p


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The Vegas Robaina Unicos is an astonishing and complex medium-full Pyramid, 6’1” (156mm) long, of 52 ring gauge, and comes in a 25 cigars box. This is a very rich cigar that has a very neat construction and an awesome balance of aromas. The taste is very typical of Vegas Robaina puros: smooth yet vibrant with a pinch roasted coffee.

The Vegas Robaina Unico is, a crowning glory of a cigar. It has creamy aromas and is a smooth cigar ideal for newcomers.

Yet it is a complex cigar, rich in flavors for the delight of experienced aficionados. It has a touch of spice, but is rich in myriad other tastes that highlight a creamy nutty highlight underpinned with rich smooth leather and earth.

A great looking milk chocolate, Colorado wrapper, oily, with no veins. Perfectly constructed cigar, which is firm between the fingers. The cap is very pretty and once cut it leaves a nice clean line.

Length: 156 mm
Diameter: 20.64 mm
Ring gauge: 52
Shape: Piramide / Torpedo

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