Vegas Robaina Famosos 25p


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The Vegas Robaina Famosos is a delicious and smooth medium-full Corona Extra, 5’ (127mm) long, of 48 ring gauge, and comes in a 25 cigars box. It is surely a Robusto to place among the top 5, and in direct competition to Ramon Allones. It is a medium-to-strong flavor cigar, very rich with lots of woody and earthy flavors, and some spicy touch. Despite being thick and short, the Famosos’ construction is extremely well done and very rich.

An often neglected but awesome complex cigar. Very nice construction, with lots of creamy smoke, a nice clean burn and an easy draw. Some taste of star anise and a trace of saltiness on the lips. This is a very well balanced robusto packed with complex flavor.

Length: 127 mm
Diameter: 19.05 mm
Ring gauge: 48
Shape: Hermosos No 4

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