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Standard Edition version of the Trinidad Topes Limitata. New Release for 50th Anniversary of Trinidad. Much like the Limitada version, this cigar has much aging potential with typical Trinidad nutty notes to evolve as the years go by. With strong woody aromas, it is a generous cigar that will provide a lot of smoke. A consistent production makes the burn even and the overall experience a great one.

Expect an excellently constructed cigar with fine draw and silky smooth flavours that draw you in. This wide ring gauge shows the popularity of fatter cigars which is a sign of others like this to come.

Another format of 2016 year’s Edición Limitada are the Trinidad Topes. The name of the format is meaningfully “the highest” and indicates that a Trinidad is presented in its best form. And you can taste it! Fine spices, aromatic tobacco flavor combines with creamy smoke to a high flavors for demanding connoisseurs. Habanos S.A. Presents the “Topes” format with a length of 125 mm and a huge ring measure of 56 with the Trinidad typical braid on the mouth here for the first time. The Trinidad Topes are sold in the brand-typical boxes of 12 pieces.

Length: 125 mm (4.92 inches)
Diameter: 22,2 mm
Ring gauge: 56
Shape: Topes

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