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Punch Short de Punch is the latest addition to the Punch brand from Habanos S.A. Although this is a new size to the portfolio of the Punch brand, the brand itself hasn’t seen an addition to its line in decades. The size is a modern approach to the Punch line, since all the other sizes are under a 50 ring gauge.

Visually, the cigar is dressed in a Colorado shades wrapper, there are a couple of green dots present as well. The wrapper itself is smooth to the touch and construction is good. While the cigar has “Short” in its name, it is not a Short Robusto nor a Robusto (it is only 4 mm shorter than a classic Cuban Robusto size).

Overall, the Punch Short de Punch starts out surprisingly well for a rather fresh cigar. Good first two thirds, with a balanced profile and strength. The bitterness in the final third was kind of expected, but a couple of years of rest should even that out. A promising new release, with a flavor profile that is true to the brand.

Length: 120 mm
Diameter: 19.8 mm
Ring gauge: 50
Shape: Petit Robusto

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