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The Punch Double Coronas is a classic and powerful cigar, of Prominente format, 7’6 (194mm) long, of 49 ring gauge, and comes in a 25 cigars box. It is a big lengthy smoke, pretty powerful, medium bodied that has a great complexity of aromas. Its construction is perfect, the draw is amazing, the burn impeccable and it never smokes too hot. It mains aromas are of wood, earth, nuts and grassiness, there are also touches of coffee and fruits. There is a lot of sweetness (toffee); it is very creamy and never too strong. Age this cigar for about 2 years to enjoy its full potential.

This is a great and powerful cigar that shows a lot of complexity. Very rich cigar, lots of wood flavors, earth, creaminess, fruitiness, grassiness all perfectly blend together.

2 years of ageing are recommended for this cigar.

This cigar provides a deep and powerful smoking experience, without a doubt one of the best Prominente.

The Punch Double Coronas – 25 Cigars comes in a dress box

Length: 194 mm
Diameter: 19.45 mm
Ring gauge: 49
Shape: Double Corona/Prominente

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