Punch Coronations 25p Tubos


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The Punch Coronations is of Petit Corona format, 42 ring gauge and 5.1 inches (129mm) in length and comes in aluminum tubes in a 25 cigars box. It is a pretty short and very pleasant smoke. It is a pretty straight forward cigar, developing tasty tobacco aromas, woodsy aromas, and plenty of creaminess.

There are also a good amount of spices, nuts. It is overall a mild to medium cigar with topical Punch flavors.

The Punch Coronations is a very good option for a medium cigar and when the time is of the essence.

It’s a very creamy cigar, with lots of toasted tobacco aromas, some spices and lots of wood flavors. The cigar is a very pleasant smoke, easy to carry around in its beautiful green aluminum tube.

This cigar simply delivers a great smoking experience that would please any newcomer to Habanos.

Length: 129 mm
Diameter: 16.67 mm
Ring gauge: 42
Shape: Petit Corona

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