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The Montecristo Open Junior Tubos is a medium cigar, of Trabuco format, of 38 ring gauge, 4’3” (110mm) long and comes in a box of 15 aluminum tubes. Being part of the Open series, it is also a cigar that would suit any aficionado that enjoys smoking a stogie during an outdoor activity. Being the shortest and perhaps the mildest of this series, it also appeals to first time Cuban smokers; it is an easy way to discover the unique Cuban flavors.

This is the fourth cigar from the new Montecristo-Open line. A small sized Montecristo with a second ring with the Golden letter OPEN and the vitola name.

The Montecristo Open Junior Tubos comes in a box of 15 aluminium tubes.

Length: 110mm
Diameter: 15.08mm
Ring Gauge: 38
Shape: Trabucos

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