H. Upmann Sir Winston 25p


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The H. Upmann Sir Winston, is an impressive, bold and complex Julieta No.2 6’9” (178mm) long, of 47 ring gauge, and comes in a 25 cigars box. It may be one of the biggest Habanos out there, and one of the most attractive. The Sir Winston is a rather strong cigar, hovering between medium and full body range towards the end of the smoke, it is also very tasty and complex. Its perfect construction gives you the leisure to focus on the typical Cuban flavors, cream, wood, black coffee, spices and roasted aromas among other. A perfect cigar for a reunion or a great meal. A must-try for any Habanos aficionado.

Length: 6.9 inches (178 mm)
Diameter: 18.65 mm
Ring gauge: 47
Shape: Churchill

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