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The H. Upmann Majestic is a delightful Crema, a well-balanced medium-full, 5’5” (140mm) long, of 40 ring gauge, and comes in a 25 cigars box. This new format from H. Upmann is an invitation to a short smoke of a pleasant blend, much appreciated in our modern fast paced world. It is nevertheless a true Cuban puro, never too harsh, where the aromas are very well balanced. Perfect choice when time is of the essence. Newcomers to Cuban cigars will enjoy it as much as long time aficionados.

Taste of olive oil, capers and a hint of cognac, reminiscent of tapenade but balanced with toasted aged tobacco taste.

The recommended ageing for this cigar is between 5 and 8 years. You’ll have to wait to get the best that this cigar has to offer. Buy a couple of boxes and let them rest, and you will be rewarded.

Length: 6.9 inches (178 mm)
Diameter: 18.65 mm
Ring gauge: 47
Shape: Churchill

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