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The H. Upmann Magnum 56 debuted in 2015 as an Edición Limitada release, meaning that all of the tobaccos used gets two years of aging before being rolled. 

This new packaging format for the Magnum 56 does not come with the same age statement about the tobaccos used. It does measure the same as the Edición Limitada version, which was a new size for Habanos S.A. when it debuted, a Double Robusto that measures 5 9/10 inches (150mm) long with a 56 ring gauge. While that size was originally known simply as the Magnum 56, it appears to have picked up a new vitola name, Unidades.

This vitola belongs to the brand considered to be the benchmark of the more refined Habanos and is launched in the market in a 20-unit jar containing Habanos made “Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga” – Totally by Hand with Long Filler – from leaves specially selected by expert Cuban torcedores –cigar rollers- from the Vuelta Abajo* area in Pinar del Río*, considered to be the best tobacco-growing region in the world.

The Magnum 56 vitola is a Habano featuring a heavy ring gauge following current trends of Habano lovers and has a smooth to medium-strength flavour that characterises this brand’s blend.

Length: 150mm (5 9/10” inches)
Ring Gauge: 56
Diameter: 22.05mm
Shape: Magnum

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