Cohiba Siglo VI 25p Jar


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Legends exist not by chance, nor by struggle, legends exist because it is natures law. The Siglo VI is in the throes of becoming a legend and is without doubt one of the best cigars rolled in Cuba.

The latest in the Siglo range and many would say the best. Impressive would be the word that most comes to mind. Consistent in it’s excellent quality. This cigar has it all, rich, creamy and chocolaty with nuances of vanilla, cedar and caramel. Give this cigar the time and concentration it demands as the intensity of flavour and aroma only increases. A sublime smoking experience.

Produced in limited quantites, this fancy Cohiba jar made of fine porcelain contains 25 Cohiba Siglo VI’s which are regarded for being the finest cigars of the Siglo range. This jar offers a suitable environment for the storing & aging of these Siglo VI’s as a humidification device is located at the surface of its lid.

Length: 150 mm
Diameter: 20.64 mm
Ring gauge: 52
Shape: Canonazo

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