Cohiba Exquisitos 25p


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The Cohiba Exquisitos possesses that immense taste with slight bitterness but sweet aftertaste. It is spicy hot and toasted just right for a good Cuban cigar shot. The combustion is just right and it is filled with the intense scents and hot touches typical of the finest Cuban cigar. The Exquisitos are modern cigars loaded of full bodied and fast burning flavors in a tolerable size. The floral flavor of the cigar is not overwhelming which seasoned smokers would like to stick to. It is regarded as one of the best cigars of the Cohiba brand and should be aged properly before smoking to obtain the best qualities. The explosion of flavors is combined with the grassy and medium to full strength of the Cohiba brand.

Length: 126 mm
Diameter: 14.29 mm
Ring gauge: 33
Shape: Seoane

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