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The Cohiba Behike 52 is an exceptional, flavorful and already aged Cuban cigar, of 52 ring gauge, 4’7” (119mm) long and comes in a box of 10 cigars. Released in 2010, this cigar is Cohiba’s most exclusive brand.

Coming in a brand new format, with a heavy ring gauge, the Behike 52 (named after its ring gauge) is 119 mm long. It is rolled with the finest tobacco in Cuba, Volado, Seco and Ligero and also Medio Tiempo (which are the top leaves of only certain sun grown tobacco plants).

What differentiates the BHK 52 from the other cigars from Cohiba is that the leaves used for the filler are already aged, and as a result this cigar doesn’t require aging to reveal such an exceptional taste and character.

The main aromas developed by this cigar are of creamy coffee and of rich earthy flavors, which are reminiscent of well-aged cigars. Unsurprisingly, the price of this jewel is high; however, the BHK 52 lives up to its reputation and is worth every penny. This is indeed a unique cigar, and a very rewarding experience that will delight the true Cuban aficionado.

Length: 119 mm
Diameter: 20.64 mm
Ring Gauge: 52
Shape:  Laguito No. 4

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