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Bolivar Belicosos Finos 25p
Perhaps the single most consistently full-bodied smoke that Cuba produces, the Bolivar Belicoso Fino is a perennial favorite for those favoring strong Cuban smokes. It’s named after Simon Bolivar, who lead the effort to liberate much of South America from Spain. Consider him the George Washington of America’s Southern hemisphere....


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Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos 25p
One of the finest small cigars in production. While it only has so much room to evolve, it counteracts it’s petite format with massive amounts of flavour. Full, bittersweet, dark chocolate notes dominate throughout, though spats of spice and charcoal can be noted intermittently also. A delicious little smoke with...


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Cohiba Exquisitos 25p
The Cohiba Exquisitos possesses that immense taste with slight bitterness but sweet aftertaste. It is spicy hot and toasted just right for a good Cuban cigar shot. The combustion is just right and it is filled with the intense scents and hot touches typical of the finest Cuban cigar. The...


Maradona Tribute Robusto
The legendary football player from Argentina, Diego Maradona, was a big cigar enthusiast and was seen with cigars on several occasions.Together with The Traveler Cigars, Maradona had planned to drop his own cigar but didn't get to do so due to his unexpected death in November 2020. The Traveler Cigars has...


Romeo y Julieta Grand Churchill humidor # 20 last one in 2021
We have now the pleasure to offer you a fantastic piece of art, the Romeo y Julieta Grand Churchill humidor. We get the first humidor in January 2021 and this is the no: 20.It contains 100 cigars, specially packed in a golden foil. The total amount of humidors produced in...


Bolivar No. 2 25p Tubos
A great Petit Corona, and slightly different from the typical Bolivar, though certainly no less appealing. It’s narrower ring gauge, cedar wrapping, and less focus on ligero tobacco provide it with a distinctive profile; A residual salted cedar note is always present, bringing with it a minty finish, a hint...


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